Artist Biography

Early on in her career, Emily Eve Weinstein traveled America living in a van and painting. While that could read like the most telling and essential chapter of the artist's metaphorical book, it's really just the introduction.  

A champion of both environmental causes and animal welfare, Emily's work is full of passion and storytelling whether it's the portraits of pet owners which drew her closer to animal causes, her moon paintings which illustrate ordinary landscapes bathed in magical moonlight, her lush floral and landscape paintings, or her monoprints of fascinating, quirky cats. 

But it's not just a love for places and animals which defines Emily Eve Weinstein. As a muralist, portraitist, and teaching artist, Emily has graciously encircled people into her work. While creating murals in various towns over the years, Emily realized that many of the youth were drifting about and getting into trouble. In response to this, Emily would hand them a brush and send them up the scaffolding to help. Recognizing their value to the community, Emily taught the youth important skills which enhanced their self-esteem.  As a result of encompassing the youth into her work, Emily's murals soon began to foster a new and intrinsic community value. 

Additionally, the work of Weinstein's legacy involves teaching volunteers to embellish furniture for "The Painted Chair and More Auction,” which benefits Independent Animal Rescue. With the work of artists Kathryn DeMarco and Paula MacLeod, the fundraiser has grown exponentially.  

Emily's most noteworthy and important work is her 25 Year Handmade Book Series which comprises her memoir and paintings presented together in a thematic book, released one per year as a volume, chronicles and reflects upon her work. Each book is of historical significance and documents what is currently taking place both in Weinstein's life and within society. 

Read a PDF Version of Emily Eve Weinstein's biography here 

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