25-Year Handmade Book Series


"The 25-year Handmade Book Series began in 2009. For three decades I worked on commissions, public murals, portraiture, and fine art, some of which has been published in books. I came upon actually making books when I got married at age 54. At the time, I promised myself if I survived the event I'd make a book about it. The next year seemed equally monumental, so I manifested another book... and then another... and another. I will be 79 years old when the series is complete. I make 50 books of each volume annually. I hope you enjoy them."

                                                          - Emily Eve Weinstein, Artist and Author

Only fifty of each annual Volume is made. They span the year in both words and images; the book structure is reinterpeted by the artist and bound meticulously. The 25-Year Handmade Book Series can be purchased by contacting Emily directly. 


Volume I

Volume I  is a reconfigured photobook with a painted cover, housed in a cloth cover that is repurposed with a bottle cap button. With the event over I gathered the pieces of my brain into a 6" x 6" structure, the very first of the 25 Year Handmade Book Series. I chose the symbol painted on the cover from the vine balls strung across our backyard. The pocket in the back of the book shares the entire beginning. The image below, "The Wedding Invitation" is an illustration of one of Emily's original oil paintings, and is found in this book.  


Volume II

Volume II  was printed in my studio office. It is a perfect-bound book with each cover individually painted in mineral coating, an ancient form of pigment used in frescoes. Students and faculty of Durham Technical Community College's faculty and staff were the models for the murals, many of whom also volunteered to help paint. The subject matter became obvious as I spent six months cloistered away in a warehouse-like space working on campus on a mural commission for the college's 50th Anniversary celebration.  


Volume III

Volume III  is a triptych. Three chapbooks are housed in a reconfigured cereal box painted like faux granite with these 3 subjects, each found within their own book: Travel, Flowers and Foundlings. All three of the booklets that make up Volume III have a large, central pullout print that is signed and numbered. The book covers are adorned with a block print representing the subject matter. Like Volume I and Volume II, Volume III came about very organically. Starting out each year I have no idea what the main subject will be, but then life is like that; all about surprises.


Volume IV

Volume IV  is an accordion-style book with 12 individual pockets packed with information about each month of the year and representing the four seasons I've experienced through plein air painting. The cover is created from engraved Marmoleum (a type of linoleum), and several covers are filled in with gold or silver paint. The spines are book cloth that I made from sheets that I marbleized in my artist friend Trudy Thompson's studio. This was a year of many events from a fundraiser for a wildlife rehabilitation center to a high school reunion out on Fire Island.


Volume V

Volume V  is a reconfigured box with a Mica window, framed with a beveled mat, reinforced with an aluminum, embossed spine, stitched with Baker's cord dipped in beeswax, encasing the memorial scroll of Bella Bellissimo. The boxes are lined with paste paper, contain five chapbooks, and have a vintage button closure. The storyline in this book captures a year of turning points and the art really follows along. This books has been described as "a real page turner."


Volume VI

Volume VI   is comprised of fifty, 6"x 6" oil paintings on gallery-wrapped canvas. Nestled into the back of each of the 50 paintings is an aluminum cradle which holds a handmade 3"x 3" book that is illustrated with images of all of the 50 paintings in this volume. Every painting comes with it's own one-of-a-kind handmade book. Volume VI comes with two books and an oil painting.  


Volume VII

Volume VII  is a goodie box filled with unique art objects. Each box is individually painted, has a laser cut aluminum spine plate, and includes:

  • a two-book set
  • two original gelli prints
  • a handmade quill soda pen
  • samples of paper embellishment 
  • an instructional booklet


Volume VIII

Volume VIII is a figure-eight book, also known as a dosey-doe book. This edition has 120 pages, 90 illustrations, and is printed on repurposed paper. 

The book's cover is made with sponged, repurposed billboard tarp with gold gilt embossing and is bound with a long stitch technique. This is the first volume to be created with InDesign, a desktop publishing software by Adobe.