Saving Magic Places

Saving Magic Places by Emily Eve Weinstein

Saving Magic Places chronicles the dramatic three year effort to stop a development and create a public park on a creek on the border of two towns, two counties. The book features 100 color plates of Weinstein's landscapes of the area and portraits of key people in the struggle. Reference pages provide contacts to help you with your quest to save land. This book is the perfect gift for nature lovers, artists, environmentalists, and anyone combating the onslaught of development. The tale is fascinating with a great twist.

“Artists have been a part of the environmental movement since its inception. Portraying a landscapes beauty, capturing the magic of a special swimming hole, interpreting the sun's reflection on a river. Saving Magic Places is a joyful story told with pictures and narrative of passionate people protecting what they love.The portraits and paintings of all involved draw you into their purpose and make you want to ensure that the special places that surround you will be there for others to enjoy." - Emily Weinstein

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