Artist Statement

I first began to paint under the full moon as a way to free up the tight rendering that was often required in my portraits and murals. My monthly excursions into the moon-lit outdoors have led to such fascinating adventures that I continue the moon painting series indefinitely. I also create portraits as I find the challenge of capturing an individual's spirit rewarding. My most recently published book, Saving Magic Places, includes 30 cutout Lilliputian portraits.

Although I occasionally create with acrylics, I have a strong affinity with oil paint. The textures and variability of oil paint have me hooked. I enjoy the layering and textures I can achieve. My most recent paintings have been landscape studies in chaos; complex studies that mirror complex, outdoor subject matter. Upon my return from a trip to California, I was missing the open western skies so I began painting the massive amounts of sky above native trees in North Carolina. However, my landscape painting eventually reverted back to scenes from the walls of chaotic limbs and foliage of the UNC Botanical Gardens, my yard, clients’ locations, or the vistas experienced as teaching artist of plein air painting workshops. 

During the daunting task of coordinating my entire wedding at age 54, I declared that if I "survived" it I would create a project that documented my next 25 years as an artist and hence I initiated the 25 Year Handmade Book Series. To date, I have completed Volumes I through VIII which encapsulate the twists and turns of a life in the arts. Comprised of books of varied sizes and forms, the volumes chronicle every work of art I have made within each respective year. The series has provided me focus and encourages painting that follows my visual interests. Since 2008, every work of art that I have made has been published either as a manufactured book or in the 25 Year Handmade Book Series. 

Emily's Art

Landscapes, portraits, florals, murals, and books. Experience the work of Emily Eve Weinstein. 

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